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Requirements for Registration and Certification
A. Certified Hypnotherapist
Has completed at least two hundred (200) hours of instruction from an ACHE approved hypnotism school that is licensed by their State Board of Education. The Hypnotherapist must also pass the ACHE written and practical skills exam. Exceptions are considered on a non-discriminatory basis and may be granted by the Qualifying Board.

B. Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Has fulfilled all of the requirements for Hypnotherapist and has completed a total of three hundred (300) hours instruction in hypnosis from a school approved by the appropriate state agency and by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.

Examination may be waived for hypnotherapists who submit evidence of three consecutive years of full-time professional practice. Only the Qualifying Board may grant any exception, on a non-discriminatory basis.

FEES: The initial fee for registration and certification for two years is $175. This includes a one-time $25 application/examination fee and a $75 per year registration and certification fee for two consecutive years. There is a $25 fee for a new certificate reflecting a change in Certification status.

In addition, the ACHE has a category for non-certified Student Membership. Student Members must have a sponsoring school because Student Membership is limited to persons who are enrolled or preparing to enroll in an ACHE-approved school. This membership is valid for up to two years. Like Certified ACHE members, Student Members are eligible to receive the ACHE newsletters as part of their membership and to receive the discount to ACHE Conferences. To maintain ACHE membership, within two years a student member needs to successfully graduate from an ACHE-approved school and apply for certification via the ACHE application form. Until the student becomes certified, if the student advertises ACHE membership he/she must clearly state being a "Student Member" with no reference to certification. The fee for Student Membership is $25.

American Council of Hypnotist Examiners
Gil Boyne, Founder

3435 Camino del Rio S. Ste. 316
San Diego, CA 92108
phone and fax: (619) 280-7200